Wealth Distribution in America

I believe this video speaks for itself. Is this really the American Dream?

Here’s a website with a list of resources for how you can make a difference.





Welcome to The Snuggery

The Snuggery

This summer I moved away from home and into a house with two other girls. A close friend of mine from work, Lauren Kerr, left for Uganda for YWAM’s sustainable agriculture school and would be gone until December. I was transferring to UT and knew I wanted to live closer to school and the downtown area of Knoxville, so why not? What I didn’t expect was this house to become a place I could call home.

At first it was strange; living with people I hardly knew, buying my own groceries, not knowing where things were in my own house. But these strangers became my friends, my things migrated from my room to the rest of the house, and I began to feel a part of something. Our house, affectionately named The Snuggery, transformed from just a roof to a refuge. Whether it be a home cooked meal around the table, conversations on the porch, movies in the living room, or coffee in the nook, this house has become my home and I love to share it with everyone!

I have realized over the past couple of months that the people in your life, not the things you own or your personal achievements, are what make life meaningful.There is something special about a welcoming home; people open up, share life together, and create a community. That community is the most precious thing you can have, because, no matter what challenges you face in life, the support of your community is what makes them surmountable.