Healthy Living Survey

Those of you who know me well, or have even just read a few of my blog posts, know that I’m really passionate about healthy living – especially when it comes to food. I’m by no means a stickler about never eating fast food or anything – I give in to the cravings too – but I’m very intentional about “shopping the perimeter”, cooking at home, and buying things like whole wheat, raw fruits and veggies, lean meats, etc. I often even recreate my childhood favorites with healthier ingredients as a challenge and a treat! I love cooking and there’s no reason that I can’t buy fresh, healthy ingredients and create a delicious and nutritious meal in my own kitchen.

On the other hand, I also realize that many people don’t have the time, resources, skills, etc. to do this. Busy schedules, inconvenient grocery stores, a disdain for cooking, you name it! We all have our reasons, but I would really love to be intentional in what I share to help everyone live a healthier lifestyle. SO! I’ve made a survey. All of the questions are optional, but the more you answer the better. So take my survey, share it with your friends, and stay tuned for more healthy living advice from me and my collaborators on Musing Sally!




Thoughts are welcome!

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