Who’s Sally?

Sally is a name, affectionately used by the women on my mother’s side of the family. If you’re from the South and have ever had someone croon the words sweetie, sweetheart, honey, or the somewhat degrading “bless your heart,” you may be able to relate. Growing up, I often heard things like “C’mon Sally!” or “Good one Sal.” All in good fun we would tease, calling each other Sally rather than by name.

For a long time I thought this was just strange; but of course, as family traditions go, I couldn’t help but embrace it simply because it’s unique to our family. Calling each other by a name, which we had all been called at one time or another, speaks to the fact that we can all be ditzy and irritating but we all have more love than can be put into words for one another.

I named this blog Musing Sally in honor of the strong, beautiful women in my family who have taught, and are still teaching, me to be the same. Life can be challenging and confusing, but we can overcome it because we will always have each other.



Thoughts are welcome!

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